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All eyes on: you.

There is no shortage of players managements out there, we know. But we also know that a “one-fits-all” approach does not do young players’ potentials justice. You are unique and so should your management be. That’s where we come in.

Playing big: All around coaching through 360 degree approach.

You’re probably thinking, “360 degree sounds great. But what does it mean exactly?” Well, it means that we’ll take care of everything – and we do mean everything – that is related to the success of your career.

  • All around consulting: sports, business, communications and finances.
  • Legal advice and risk management
  • Close contact and personal exchange with parents
  • Endorsing personal growth of the players
  • Large network for enabling long-term perspectives

You’re fully focused on your career? Great. So are we. That’s why we back you up, we empower you and we build you up. And don’t worry: even though it’s all about your active career right now, we already pick our brains for the time after. Of course, we hope that will be in the distant future.

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Sports contact

Wojciech Pollok

+49 172 275 928 8
340 games, 1st league to 3rd league

Wojciech Pollok is CEO and coach at passion4players. From his time as a U23 player at BVB, the now 38 year old knows exactly what young players experience and what they need. Therefore he has a great relationship to both the young players and the entire league. During his active player career, he has learned about different facets of football and the transfer market. For many years now, Pollok has been incorporating his large network that came from it as well as his experience into his coaching. In his role as a DFB licensed players’ agent, he strives for building and accompanying sustainable careers. His success is built on transparency and trust.


Press contact

Dr. Thomas Guntermann

+49 171 930 770 7

Thomas Guntermann and his partner agent Jürgen Zilla are good friends with Marcell Jansen. They were head of communications when his player career ended and have been communicating his projects as young entrepreneur and member of HSV Hamburg. As Max Kruse found himself in a difficult situation right in the public eye, Guntermann and Zilla helped him out of the line of fire and developed strategies for his communication channels. Thomas Guntermann is an experienced communications consultant and consults corporations, entrepreneurs and personalities in the strategic positioning of their communications.